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Not Happy with Something, Please tell us Why!

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Complaints Procedure

We all know that from time to time, we can stumble up on some problems in regards Customer Projects and that there may be a few unresolved issues. If we have however, for some reason caused any issues or problems for you or your family during the time of the Project, then we would like to take this opportunity for you to let us know so we can improve on this in the future.

We operate on a 100% Customer Satisfaction process and aim to give our customers the upmost experience with as little disruption as possible, Here is what we aim to do for you:

  1. Minimal Disruption to your Home & Family
  2. Step By Step Notifications of Progress in Works
  3. Smooth Transition from Start to Finish of the Project
  4. Friendly Staff at all Times
  5. On-Time & Punctual during the progress of works
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