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A Door to Welcome Your Guests to your Home


We believe that each person has a unique style and look about themselves to the point where you want to personalise the look of your Home’s Doors & Windows, then why shouldn’t you be able to choose the Hardware for your door. This ranges from the Locking Mechanism, to the way you open your door, Letterbox style & Colour, Knockers, Numbers and many other idea’s. Come and se what makes us unique.


Our aim is to provide a door that is completely safe, yet capable of changing its hardware and glass, have you ever considered on what you would do if you were to accidentally break the glass unit in the Composite Door. We have done just that, we have used a door that allows you to change the Glass Sealed Unit if the worst was to happen. You won’t need a new door, just the new glass to go inside it.

Frame Options

We Design our Doors for Manufacture to the way that you want them, just like you choose your Hardware, Letterbox, Knockers, etc, Now you have another option which includes choosing from 4 different Profiles to go along with the door. Our Liniar Profile is sculptured to suit your Chosen Door, our most popular Frame Profile is Rehau.

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Energy Rated Certificates

Our Supplier provided us with the UK’s first A’Rated Energy Efficient Door, meaning we were first in the industry to offer it to our Customers. Not only do we offer a full Energy Rated Certificate with every door, but it is set to prove where on the scale your Door is situated in terms of being energy efficient. This is not a type test or a dubious assurance that gives all doors the same U-value. It is tailored for each particular door configuration.

Carbon FootPrint

Big Steps have been taken to ensure that our company has a low Carbon FootPrint, this includes our Products, we plan our routes to and from our Jobs to cut down the use of Fuel and we also cut down on Paper throughout our business to ensure we are as Green as we can be.

Energy Efficient Doors

Don’t take our word from us that our doors are Thermal Efficient, our Energy Rated Certificate that is provided with every door can prove just that. All doors has a minimum requirement that came into place back in October 2010. Under the New Legislations, any Door that is Sold & Fitted throughout the UK must have a U-value of 1.8W/m2K or less. The door’s U-value is a measure of its energy efficiency and the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the door.

13 Colour Options

Contemporary Colours, Stand Out!

We have a range of Colours ranging from:

  1. White, Mahogany
  2. Cherrywood, Oak
  3. White Grain
  4. Brown–Black
  5. Grey, Cream
  6. Chartwell Green

These colours are provided to compliment your New Door. All of which can be configured with Gold, Chrome, Black, White & Contemporary Hardware.

 Locking Mechanisms

Top Notch Security for your Home

We offer 6 Types of Locking Mechanism options for our state of the art Composite Doors.

  1. Yale Lockmaster
  2. ERA Vectis
  3. Winkhaus Trulock
  4. AV2 “Slam Lock”
  5. Yale YS170
  6. Fab n Fix Haven

Making it even easier to get the lock and security you need with the furniture you want.

Composite Side Panels

A Unique Look to your Home

Our GRP side panels give loads of choice for your Composite Doors and here’s why:

  1. 7 Different Designs to choose from
  2. 10 Unique Colours
  3. Dozens of Glass Options.

Then you are guarantee’d to be unique from houses on your street, all of which can carry the letterbox.

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Composite Door Colouring

As our supplier offered the First Ever Composite Door Colour Styling Option, it made us the first Provider of Composite Doors to offer this to our Customers. Giving you the all round package on the Welcoming Door to your Home, with a Unique and well Co-Ordinated detail to it’s Frame, Door Drip Trays, Thresholds, it clearly speaks for itself as far as Presentation is concerned. It truly is the next step for Composite Doors.

Better Guarantees

Improving your home can represent a substantial investment and because of this, we offer comprehensive guarantees that give you added peace of mind. And should you sell your property, the guarantees can be transferred to the new owner too!

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