Why Choose Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-Folding Doors are the new Sliding Doors, Instead of having just a small opening, they allow you to open up your whole living space to enjoy the outdoor view. Bi-Folding Doors allow the doors to compact from full width to just a small space allowing you and your guest considerably more space to enjoy, especially during those Special Party Occasions.

Bi-Folding Doors are becoming more and more popular in buildings to add that Versatility and Excitement in their home. They allow the Room to become more inviting, more appealing, surveys suggest that a New set of Bi-Folding Doors appear to be more popular and Important to Potential Buyers rather than a new Kitchen or Conservatory.

What reason will you choose for your Bi-Folding Doors?

  • Bringing the Garden lifestyle into your Home
  • Give your Home more Potential
  • Be Unique to make it more Appealing to Family & Friends
  • Improve your Homes Look & Feel
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds from the comfort of your sofa
  • Add Value to your Home as well as Style

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Bi-Folding Door Feature’s

Bi-Folding Doors have so many key features to seamlessly open up the space between your Home & Back Garden, with the option to have a Flushed Track System to the bottom Runner making if seem like theres no door at all.

Having this option allows you to extend your Homes Kitchen, Living Room, Conservatory or Orangery Space right through to the outside enhancing your Decked / Patio Area to one large living space for those Special Parties of Entertainment.

“Why have the same as Everyone Else, when you can have a Unique Design for You & Your Home”

The Features of Bi-Folding Doors allows them to be fully retractable using very little space, they offer multi configurations for openings allowing you to choose which one is best for you. This allows you to let in more light without the need compromise on design, what ever option you decide to choose, the result is always the same – more light and space.

Orangery Leicester
Bi-Folding Door Colour Options

Bifold Door Colour Options

We believe that Bi-Folding doors may lead to Big Investment for your home, but knowing what their potential are and where they are made is also important. All of our products are designed in the UK meaning Lead time has a fast turn around, quality control and custom specification.

Our Finished allow you to Keep your Bi-Folding Doors in perfect sync with the rest of your home, making your Bi-Folding Doors more flexible than you first imagined. Why settle for a single colour when you can choose the colour that best suits you and your home.

Here are just a few colour Options for you:

  • Slate Grey / Anthracite Grey
  • Black Grey / Jet Black
  • Light Silver / Dark Silver / Hipca White
  • Natural Oak / Golden Oak
  • Mahogany / Walnut

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We understand that getting the right Price and Design for your new set of Bi-Folding Doors is just as important for upgrading any part of your home. That’s why we run you through every aspect of the design to ensure you get what you want from your new Bi-Folding Doors from start to finish.

We aim to provide a fast running service, minimal disruption to you and your family and leave you wondering if we ever did turn up in the first place to fit your new set of Bi-Folds. Come and see why we are taking the market by Storm with our Ali UK Bi-Folding Doors.

Reasons to Choose us?

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  • We are Insurance Backed by the QANW
  • We are Certass Approved Contractors
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Bi-Folding Door Glazing & Hardware

Design Features

  • Internally beaded with a soft line or square detail to all external doors and panels
  • Chamfered and square bead options
  • Four stainless steel wheels ensures smooth and consistent operation
  • Unique, ush line pop-out handle that allows maximum door opening 
and square stacking panels
  • Low threshold option which can be con gured to achieve DDA and 
Part M compliance
  • Certified under Secured by Design scheme


  • Doors and panels can be used in a variety of congurations, style and design
All congurations are available in both open-in and open-out options
  • Full range of bespoke hardware available
  • Glazing sizing range of 28mm – 44mm
  • Available in single or dual colour option, polyester powder coating and anodised finishes


  • The Bi-Folding Door System is available in a wide range of congurations as demonstrated below. Panels can be stacked inside or outside, to the left or right, or split stacked on both sides.

Energy Rating Chart

How Much Energy Will You Save!

Bi-Folding Door Energy Chart

Better Guarantees

Improving your home can represent a substantial investment and because of this, we offer comprehensive guarantees that give you added peace of mind. And should you sell your property, the guarantees can be transferred to the new owner too!

6 Steps to Your New Bi-Folding Doors

What Steps are involved from Start to Finish when Purchasing your new Bi-Folding Doors

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